Monday, December 30, 2013

10 Things I learned in December

Linking up with Emily Freeman today!  I spent an hour reading her list of things she learned over this past year and was laughing out loud at some of them.  Also, her book A Million Little Ways is fabulous!  It is part of the spark that is burning in the creativity corner of my soul…a good burn.

1.  I miss blogging.  I haven't blogged in over a year and it's exciting to get started back. Right now it doesn't matter what it looks like, I just need to quit using "but I don't know how to make it look cool" as an excuse to not blog.

2.  I love, love, love writing goals for a New Year….and my year does not go well if I don't write them.

3.  I miss creativity and plan to refocus on this for 2014.  (hence blogging again along with other things!)

4.  The little girl who played Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes) in my all time favorite Christmas movie "It's a  Wonderful Life" also played in another Christmas movie the next year "The Bishop's Wife".

5.  The boy who played the young George Bailey ( Bobby Anderson) in "Its a Wonderful Life" also played in "The Bishop's Wife".

6.  While my family watches "Its a Wonderful Life" every year we will never watch "The Bishop's Wife" again.  I'm the only one who stayed awake and I was hanging by a thread.

7.  Baking with my now 13 year old daughter is a lot different than baking with her when she was a toddler. It was more fun this year than ever! We had a marvelous time and I enjoyed her.

8.  When your family sits together to plan for Christmas everything gets done ahead of time and everyone is invested because they were part of planning.  This was my first year doing this and I must remember to do it again next year.  This was the first year everything was done prior to the last weekend before Christmas and it was marvelous!  (although I have to admit that having surgery 5 days before Christmas probably played a big part in getting everything done, we will see how it goes next year!)

9.  People look at you like you are an alien when you answer the question "Are you ready for Christmas?" with a big hearty "Yes I am!"  

10.  Note to self….Rest really is a beautiful thing.  How have I forgotten this?



b said...

Rest, indeed, is a beautiful thing! Buen Camino, friend.

HisFireFly said...

welcome back to blogging life!

Anne said...

I enjoyed your list and I hope you keep blogging! I also love Emily's new book! Let's do art together!