Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Other Side of the Circle

Well, we are moved in.... a whole 20 minutes away from our home on the other side of the traffic circle!  Ha.  That's how the 2 quaint Southern towns are divided....the traffic circle.  Both sides of the traffic circle are good, just different. Life sort of revolves (no pun intended) around this circle.  We will likely be on this side of the traffic circle for 2 years, after that we have no idea.

This is our new front door...from red to black.  Obviously I have some curb appeal to work on but that will come with time.   Thanks to friends unpacking the bulk of the house I have been able to focus on slowly unpacking "stuff" and continuing to purge and organize.

We were blessed with a ton of help so the kitchen and living areas were unpacked and set up in less than 24 hours.  The kitchen was actually unpacked about 2 hours after getting the keys to the house thanks to such amazing friends!  (I didn't have to cook for a week though thanks to meals that were brought in.)  Our home on the other side of the circle was cleaned from tip to stern, laundry was done, my parents' ashes never had to be boxed (and potentially lost) thanks to a friend who let them hang out at her house for 2 weeks :o), dry cleaning was dropped off, trips were made to name it and it was done.  God certainly overwhelmed us by His abundance.

Now comes the "making this house a home" and figuring out the new rhythm of life on the other side of the circle. Exciting times I tell you, exciting times!


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