Saturday, July 28, 2012

5 minute Friday...on Saturday.

The word for this week's 5 minute Friday is....Beyond.

Here's my 5 minutes of unscripted free writing:

Cytochrome p450....

I remember sitting in my first grad class at Duke hearing about the cytochrome P450 system and
Was. Completely. Amazed.

Amazed by science yes, but more amazed by God.

The cytochrome p450 system is the enzymatic system that breaks down chemicals in our body. This is VERY important in medicine.  There are many different processes that although happen on such a microscopic scale has the potential for HUGE consequences.

For example, you know how you hear about not drinking grapefruit juice when taking certain medicines?  The reason is that grapefruit juice is a CYP34A (an enzyme in the larger CYP450 system) inhibitor.  What does this mean?  It means that it changes the way the drug is processed and that more of it will become available.  The old principle "if a  little is good a lot would be better" does not work here.  If you swallow your cholesterol medicine (statin drug) with grapefruit juice you run the risk of rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown).  Too much of the drug in your body does not mean that it will make your cholesterol even lower.

 God gave each one of us our very own intricate system.  The basics of the system works the same yet just a little differently in every human being.  (think pharmacogenomics and implications of this!)

Only God could think this big on such a small scale.  WOW! It is beyond me how He created such mini-universes in every individual person.  As advanced as medicine is we still don't have the human body figured out.



Anonymous said...

I love what "beyond" reminded you of...the awe and mystery that can be found in the life that is around us and within us. Thank you for reminding ME of that!

A Daughter of the King said...

I often wonder how people, especially scientists, could look into the intricacies of creation and think it happened by a series of accidents over a long period of time!

God is amazing!

Denise said...


Bobbie said...

AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing. Studying the blood is also tremendously exciting. There's SO MUCH going on in our bodies that we often take for granted. I appreciate your insights and the reminder that we need to take good care of our body because it is the only one we get! (You sure do study a lot!) :-) Bobbie

Stacie said...

Sondie, thank you so much for your super-sweet and encouraging words. I'm very blessed by you this week! And I agree with you here--there just are moments when we can't help but marvel at the awesomeness of God!