Friday, July 20, 2012

5 minute Friday

Linking up with Lisa Jo for 5 minutes of free writing!

Word prompt: Enough

Enough.  This has been my code word for my daughter since she was ending her toddler years.  It is the word I say when she keeps asking for more....and more....and more.  From the simple turning a play date into a sleep over to the "I want this, and this and this AND that" when we are shopping.

Enough.  Be happy with Enough.  Don't keep looking for more.  Be content with Enough.

It didn't take me long to realize I suffer from the same malady.  Discontentedness.  As I went through a litany of prayer requests one day I heard God's voice whisper...."Enough, my child, Enough.  You have everything you need to be content.  Stop seeking.  Rest in me.  Rest in the Enough I've given you."

I am still learning that I don't need more to feel joy.  Joy is here, in the more than Enough I've been given.  It is a matter of seeing the blessings in everyday which greatly outweigh any perceived lacks.  Culture tells us we need more....God tells us to be content with what He has given us.

Amazing how God speaks through our children.  I may look like an adult but my heart is still a child's heart.

There are times when I look into my daughter's eyes I see my own reflection...gazing back at me saying "Enough."



Tracey Davis said...

Exactly. Thankful for your words.

5ALLENZ said...

Discontentedness- yeah, I've got that too. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Lovely! You said it perfectly.

Laura Wells said...

So much truth in these words. We desperately want our kids to know God is enough, but we don't live it ourselves, at least not every day.

Stacie said...

Story of my life! (And probably a whole lot of others' too). I need continual challenge in this area, so thank you for being part of that today...