Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Number 81

I'm so excited!  I finally found an old boot scrape after 2 years of looking through a multitude of junk upscale antique shops.  Buying this old boot scrape is actually #81 on my (10)(10) list so I really feel like I have accomplished a goal. Why an old boot scrape you ask?

To remind me of an old friend, a true "stone of help" remind me of the beauty that lies beneath a sometimes rusty old crusty old remind me to invest in others as my friend did for remind me that my own exterior gets rusty and crusty... to remind me that God created me for a purpose beyond my personal happiness.

The icing on my cake is that I found it in the same little seaside town where my friend found hers while on a shopping trip a few years ago. This friend greatly changed my life through her investment me prior to her death 2 years ago this week...she is still changing my life today.

An old boot scrape to Ebenezer Stone to me.



B said...

So jealous!! But GOOD for you! :-)

susanrae said...

Happy! That is the word to describe this post!