Thursday, May 31, 2012

On my text screen....

 My favorite text screen of the week....again, names changed to protect the innocent.

Mickey Mouse:  Wow!

Minnie Mouse:  Me too!!! Yay!!! Thank u for praying

Donald Duck:  Hope ur off today enjoying time with family.

Daisy Duck:  Red Velvet

Pluto: Hehe, well happy 20th!

Goofy:  All of them :)

Clara Bell: That's so amazing

What is your favorite text of the week?



Raajii said...

Is it one conversation? Or multiple texts at multiple times? It's a bit confusing.

In any case, happy birthday :-)

Sondie said...

it is multiple texts over the course of the day...when I look at my screen I see the starts of several different conversations...

thank you!