Saturday, May 12, 2012

On my text screen today....

Texting makes me happy!

I always enjoy reading the first few words that show up on my text screen.  It is interesting to see the bits and pieces of the many conversations I've had going.  I love that I can "talk" with so many different people!  Some days the threads are quite funny....some days there are serious things woven in....some days I'd like to take all the beginnings of the messages and create a story from them...some days the threads are pure joy...Like today.

This is what I saw on my text screen....(names changed to protect the innocent)

Naw, silly. Driver introductions...

That would be great.

That would be fun.

Yahoo! Sondie will you....


Ohhhh...the raspberry sorbet is yummy!

How can I not be happy when I see happy words like that?  Heart happy stuff.

Do any of you smile when you look at your main text screen?

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