Friday, May 11, 2012

See Ya' Later Sonderella

I have retreated for quite awhile but am planning a return.  One of the things I have figured out is that I'm not the Sonderella I once was.  Every time I thought about blogging again I just couldn't make it work.  I did not enjoy even thinking about it.  This has been a conundrum because blogging used to be one of life's small pleasures for me.  After pondering this for the past several months, it finally dawned on me that it's because my purpose has changed.  Sonderella just didn't fit anymore.  The glass slippers have been pinching my toes.

Sonderella was my outlet for processing many life changes...good changes and difficult changes.  While I will always process life events, I realized that it no longer consumes me.   I've spent the last several years "trading my ashes" and will do this the rest of my life BUT I'm no longer living in the ashes.  That is a key improvement.  I am walking in the freedom Christ purchased for me on the cross.  He did not die for me to live in ashes, but to walk in freedom.  Faith not fear.

So, here I am.  Feeling like I've come to a "normal" place.  So what if I'm at the lower end of normal?! I'll take it and rejoice in it!

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susanrae said...

Here we go! Let's do some living!!