Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eight Simple Truths

 You've probably heard the saying..."If Christians aren't happy fill in the blank...".  Well, I've worked hard over the past several years at cultivating happiness.  When I say work...I do mean work.  Mind, soul and body work.   My gift of joy was buried deep within dark layers of dirt and mire.  The good news is-I haven't tended this garden alone.

The Master Gardener, aka God, was also hard at work.  He kept a steady supply of everything a garden needs to grow.  Rain, sometimes in the form of storms so severe that I thought I may drown.  Other times in the form of sunshine so abundant I felt like I was in a drought.  Most times, though the weather conditions were perfect, with a fine balance of sun, temperature, rain and clouds.   He sent many other gardeners to help throughout the process including family, friends, church body and co-workers.  He spoke to me through the sacred as well as the secular.  One specific secular resource I've leaned on was The Happiness Project book and now the blog.

The author, Gretchen Rubin, came up with Eight Splendid Truths.  As I've pondered my life's lessons I have come up with 8 of my own. I decided to name mine Eight Simple Truths.  Here they are! (in no particular order)

1. Seek God first and everything else will fall into place.  (trust me on this)

2.  I've never been disappointed when I changed my perspective from negative to positive. (see Five Minute Friday post... this writing exercise prompted me to get this list of life lessons made!)

3.  Being yourself is more enjoyable than being someone else's shadow, for all parties involved. (wisdom from my 11 year old)

4.  You are responsible for your own happiness i.e. you can't expect another person to make you happy, it lays the groundwork for failure.

5.  If you aren't happy where you are, you won't be happy anywhere else. (at least not for long, that sneaky unhappy baggage has a way of traveling with you).

6.  Inner joy produces outward happiness.

7.  Never give outward circumstances the power to destroy inner joy. (yes, sometimes we are in dire straights but you can't stay there, press onward through the rainy seasons and deserts!)

8.  Hold on loosely...this too shall pass. Otherwise known as my Ice Cream Melts Principle... meaning even good things like ice cream don't last which is a bad thing but eventually you will get ice cream again which is a good thing. Ha. This one is courtesy of 38 Special and God...another great example of God speaking through the secular, you just have to listen for his voice, or have a weird way of thinking like me.

How about you?  What are some simple things you've learned that either made you happier....or not?


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candyknits said...

Hey Lady, I didn't know you were back here. Yay!!!! I've been hanging out at the lower end of normal all my life (well, on the good days). I look forward to reading your words. Hope to see you soon....