Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have been intrigued with making a list of things I want to do for about a year now.  I was at a poetry conference and had the privilege of being in a workshop with Lola Haskins.  Not only did she give me great poetry tips, but she also gave me great life tips.  She realized she did not want to miss out on life so she set some goals.  What an inspiration she was!  Then I read this Mighty Life List and knew I needed to make my own.  My buddy B and I spent time this evening on her porch making our lists and I gotta tell you....we had so much fun. Her hubby helped come up with the name (10)(10) from the scripture reference John 10:10.  An abundant life indeed!

 1. walk the Camino 2. go to Denver, Colorado 3. visit the top 10 book stores in the US 4. write a collection of short stories 5. go on a silent retreat alone 6. go on a modified silent retreat with friends 7. stay at Abbey of Gethsemani in KY 8. write a collection of devotionals 9. write essays about my family history 10. visit the Grand Canyon 11. go to Hawaii with my sister Susie 12. walk a 1/2 marathon in an exotic place 13. learn Spanish 14. drive route 66 15. visit every state in the United States 16. learn to play the drums 17. stand naked in Alaska 18. stay in a hut on the water in Tahiti 19. have a chocolate tasting party 20. stand under a waterfall 21. go skinny dipping 22. ride a dinner train 23. go to a mystery dinner theatre 24. ride a trolley in San Francisco 25. buy a convertible 26. eat fruit in the rain  27. visit a hot spring 28. organize family pictures 29. take my sisters on a cruise 30. go on a gambling boat 31. swim in the Dead Sea 32. visit Paris 33. eat pasta in Italy 34. have fresh flowers delivered every month for a year 35. plant an herb garden 36. dance a night away 37. visit 10 art museums 38. spend a month in a house by the sea 39. drink a bottle of wine that cost at least $100 40. visit the top 10 vineyards in the US 41. make my bedroom a haven 42. see the aurora borealis 43. find my childhood pen pal 44. drink coffee on a porch in the mountains of NC 45. have a shower with multiple heads 46. go on a medical mission trip 47. zip line in costa rica 48. Hang glide at Kill Devil Hills, NC  49. create a memory book of my life for Erin 50. plant blueberry bushes 51. go to 10 musicals 52. take Marty on a surprise get a away 53. plant hydrangea bushes 54. read poetry at an open mic  55. visit old churches in NC 56. visit 10 local coffee shops in old NC/SC/VA towns 57. taste 100 new foods 58. have a window seat 59. keep a photo thankfulness calendar for a year 60. take pictures of old doors in NC 61. stay in an exercise class for one year 62. have a sleep over in a book store or library 63. visit Spaghetti’s grave 64. write a short story about a carnival worker 65. throw a block party 66. have a sleep over with my friends 67. do a book study with B 68. paint a picture 69. write sympathy cards 70. make an art room 71. visit Wilmington 72. read 50 classic novels 73. read 10 poetry collections 74. make a fairy garden 75. take Erin to NY 76. shag lessons with Marty 77. plan a progressive dinner for Erin and her friends 78. organize a scavenger hunt 79. make a rooster statue out of scraps 80. plan my funeral 81. buy an old boot scrape 82. pay for the person in line behind me once a month for a year 83. make garden stones  84. eat a gooseberry 85. encourage someone to get a college degree 86. plant daffodil bulbs in the fall 87. girlfriend outings 4 times a year 88. plant 2 apple trees 89. hike a leg of the Appalachian Trail in the fall 90. keep a journal 91. visit 10 NC lighthouses 92. sleep on the porch with Erin and Marty 93. make a photo calendar 94. make a family tree 95. preserve my grandfather’s journals 96. ride an elephant 97. watch 25 good movies 98. have a poem published 99. go on a sister trip every year 100. finish an art journal

I encourage each of you to come up with a list of things you would like to do. It will spark your hopes, wishes and will give you happy things to look forward to!


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susanrae said...

Okay, when do we take our trips! :o)