Saturday, August 4, 2012

5 Minute Friday...on a Saturday...again.

Linking up with Lisa Jo for 5 minutes of free writing....unscripted, unedited (ugh!)....the word this week is:  Here.

Vertigo:  the illusion that you or your surroundings are moving.

An illusion.  Deception. That's what vertigo amounts to.

You are not moving, objects are not spinning.  You are upright although your body feels upside down and sideways all at the same time.

Life feels this same way at times.  Things are spinning.  Things are changing.  Things appear to be upside down.  Your soul feels restless, out of sorts.

Spiritual Vertigo.

It is an illusion.  Deception by the devil.  A tool in his tool box that goes back to the beginning of time.

If you are His child, have no fear.  Your soul can not be shaken. You are redeemed by the blood of Christ and that will not change.

Even while life changes happen you need to be at peace.  Keep God as the center of your being, your gyroscope in the world and no matter what outward circumstances look like, inward circumstances will not change.

Just as Mary stood at the foot of the cross when her God man was crucified, so you can stand here in this promise.


PS...I have to explore this idea of spiritual vertigo more!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

5 minute Friday...on Saturday.

The word for this week's 5 minute Friday is....Beyond.

Here's my 5 minutes of unscripted free writing:

Cytochrome p450....

I remember sitting in my first grad class at Duke hearing about the cytochrome P450 system and
Was. Completely. Amazed.

Amazed by science yes, but more amazed by God.

The cytochrome p450 system is the enzymatic system that breaks down chemicals in our body. This is VERY important in medicine.  There are many different processes that although happen on such a microscopic scale has the potential for HUGE consequences.

For example, you know how you hear about not drinking grapefruit juice when taking certain medicines?  The reason is that grapefruit juice is a CYP34A (an enzyme in the larger CYP450 system) inhibitor.  What does this mean?  It means that it changes the way the drug is processed and that more of it will become available.  The old principle "if a  little is good a lot would be better" does not work here.  If you swallow your cholesterol medicine (statin drug) with grapefruit juice you run the risk of rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown).  Too much of the drug in your body does not mean that it will make your cholesterol even lower.

 God gave each one of us our very own intricate system.  The basics of the system works the same yet just a little differently in every human being.  (think pharmacogenomics and implications of this!)

Only God could think this big on such a small scale.  WOW! It is beyond me how He created such mini-universes in every individual person.  As advanced as medicine is we still don't have the human body figured out.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Than Enough

Today during church we sang More Than Amazing and the line "You're more than enough" struck a chord in my soul.

I love it when God gently reminds us of what we forget to be true.


Friday, July 20, 2012

5 minute Friday

Linking up with Lisa Jo for 5 minutes of free writing!

Word prompt: Enough

Enough.  This has been my code word for my daughter since she was ending her toddler years.  It is the word I say when she keeps asking for more....and more....and more.  From the simple turning a play date into a sleep over to the "I want this, and this and this AND that" when we are shopping.

Enough.  Be happy with Enough.  Don't keep looking for more.  Be content with Enough.

It didn't take me long to realize I suffer from the same malady.  Discontentedness.  As I went through a litany of prayer requests one day I heard God's voice whisper...."Enough, my child, Enough.  You have everything you need to be content.  Stop seeking.  Rest in me.  Rest in the Enough I've given you."

I am still learning that I don't need more to feel joy.  Joy is here, in the more than Enough I've been given.  It is a matter of seeing the blessings in everyday which greatly outweigh any perceived lacks.  Culture tells us we need more....God tells us to be content with what He has given us.

Amazing how God speaks through our children.  I may look like an adult but my heart is still a child's heart.

There are times when I look into my daughter's eyes I see my own reflection...gazing back at me saying "Enough."


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Other Side of the Circle

Well, we are moved in.... a whole 20 minutes away from our home on the other side of the traffic circle!  Ha.  That's how the 2 quaint Southern towns are divided....the traffic circle.  Both sides of the traffic circle are good, just different. Life sort of revolves (no pun intended) around this circle.  We will likely be on this side of the traffic circle for 2 years, after that we have no idea.

This is our new front door...from red to black.  Obviously I have some curb appeal to work on but that will come with time.   Thanks to friends unpacking the bulk of the house I have been able to focus on slowly unpacking "stuff" and continuing to purge and organize.

We were blessed with a ton of help so the kitchen and living areas were unpacked and set up in less than 24 hours.  The kitchen was actually unpacked about 2 hours after getting the keys to the house thanks to such amazing friends!  (I didn't have to cook for a week though thanks to meals that were brought in.)  Our home on the other side of the circle was cleaned from tip to stern, laundry was done, my parents' ashes never had to be boxed (and potentially lost) thanks to a friend who let them hang out at her house for 2 weeks :o), dry cleaning was dropped off, trips were made to name it and it was done.  God certainly overwhelmed us by His abundance.

Now comes the "making this house a home" and figuring out the new rhythm of life on the other side of the circle. Exciting times I tell you, exciting times!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Box with a Vision

As we start packing up to move an interesting point of contention has arisen between hubs and I.  He wants all the boxes marked with their destination.  I have been marking all the boxes with where they have come from.

Hubs to me, "I have no idea where to put these.  I don't care what room the contents came from in this house.  I need to know where to put it in the new house."

Me to hubs, "...but I need to know where it came from so I will know what is in the box.  Then I will figure out where to put it."

Hubs to me, "It doesn't matter where it came from, what matters is where it is going to!" (Mrs. Clendenin would cringe at ending a sentence with a preposition but my hubs doesn't care and I think he said it well, plus he never knew Mrs. Clendenin.)

All day I have pondered that.  I don't think hubs even realized what a great theological point he made.  How much have I focused on where I came from in my spiritual walk?  Maybe too much.  I believe it is important to know where we come from, no doubt about it, BUT...we also need to know where we're going to.

God calls us to live life from an eternal perspective.  It is about so much more than just the here and now...or the then and gone for that matter.  I don't want to be a box of the past rather than a box to take before the throne.  If I'm more focused on where I came from rather than where I'm going to, how can I ever see life any differently?

I want to see life through eternal eyes, not my weak worldly eyes.  Heaven is where I'm going to, no matter where I've come from. When I stand before God, I want my box to be one He is pleased to open.


Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Minute Friday

Here is my attempt at free writing for 5 minutes....the only thing keeping my blog afloat during this busy time of transition.  Thanks Lisa-Jo!

Today's topic:  Dance

butterflies perform a minuet around the lantana bush

disco dance of fireflies in a backyard

ocean waves rumba with the sandy shore

waltz of grey clouds heavy with snow

God's rhythm moves nature.


Friday, June 22, 2012

5 minute Friday

It is that time again!  Time to write for 5 minutes, unedited, and post whatever rambling thoughts travel from my brain to fingertips.  You can read more here.

This week's topic:  Risk

The very word scares me.  Am I risk taker?  No.  I like life in a safe little bubble.  How Godly is that?

After  9-11 I realized there is no such thing as a "safe little bubble".  As much control as we think we have, well really we have none.

I'm on my first youth group trip as a chaperone this weekend.  One of the really cool parts is that the adults get recreation time...outdoor challenging well as Bible study time while the kids are in their groups.  Today we talked about the sovereignty of God and I gotta tell ya'....there is great comfort in that.  I can rest in that.  I can risk in that!

No matter what happens He has it under control.  God is not in Heaven wringing His hands, pacing with worry or anxiety.  As my twin reminded me, He doesn't freak out about things.  He has this.  He has me.  Even during the 9-11 times, during the Red Sea times, during the manna times...all the time!

He risked it all....he paid it all...I can get out of my comfort zone and risk failure...risk "exposure"....risk
vulnerability...risk speaking truth...

The opposite of faith is fear...maybe there are times that the opposite of faith is risk?


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Need to break out of your recipe rut?

I've been in a recipe rut.  Ever happen to you?  I love to cook but have been in mundane meal, survival mode for far too long.

I recently found a site that looks delish!  I have enjoyed hanging out in the Smitten Kitchen ... I'm planning on trying the broccoli fritters soon!

Happy cooking,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Scripture of the Week

Then he said to them,"Go your way.  Eat the fat and drink the sweet wine and send portions to anyone who has nothing ready, for the day is holy to our Lord.  And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength."
Nehemiah 8:10 ESV

This has fast moved up to my top 10 of favorite verses!

This was the scripture attached to the beach house we stayed in while on vacation with my husband's family.  What a great name for a beach house, Celebration, and what a great verse.  My sister in law found the house and we all enjoyed it!

It is a reminder of many things...God calls us to mark occasions with enjoy His share what He has given us with others....that the joy of the Lord is our strength (joy trumps happiness with roots that run to Him)

This verse has compelled me to read the book of Nehemiah and I'm really enjoying it.  I'll have to give you feedback about that soon!


Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Minute Friday

 Here's the topic from Gypsy Mama's 5 minute Friday challenge: Path

For some reason I'm drawing a blank on the topic today.  One thought is the great stand by "The Road Not Taken"...I love this poem!

Another thought is the scripture about standing at a crossroad and praying I seek AND walk the good way...Jeremiah 6:16

This is what the Lord says:
“Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls.
    But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

My main thought is about my friend who died 2 years ago today.  Her life's path wasn't always what she thought it would be, didn't always take her where she thought it would go...but she died in the arms of God, of that I have no doubt, and her eternity is with Him.  The ultimate destination for our souls.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Number 81

I'm so excited!  I finally found an old boot scrape after 2 years of looking through a multitude of junk upscale antique shops.  Buying this old boot scrape is actually #81 on my (10)(10) list so I really feel like I have accomplished a goal. Why an old boot scrape you ask?

To remind me of an old friend, a true "stone of help" remind me of the beauty that lies beneath a sometimes rusty old crusty old remind me to invest in others as my friend did for remind me that my own exterior gets rusty and crusty... to remind me that God created me for a purpose beyond my personal happiness.

The icing on my cake is that I found it in the same little seaside town where my friend found hers while on a shopping trip a few years ago. This friend greatly changed my life through her investment me prior to her death 2 years ago this week...she is still changing my life today.

An old boot scrape to Ebenezer Stone to me.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Message from my daughter....

 My daughter was so excited for me to see her message in the sand to me....complete with her footprints...and I wondered "how much longer until the U is replaced by some little boy's name?"

I wanted to capture the message and keep it close to my heart as a gentle reminder of the sweet girl living beneath the "Tween" persona she is developing....a gentle reminder that she will need her dad and I to see potential hazards and to guide her around them as much as possible whether she can understand it or not...a gentle reminder that it is God's love that sustains our family no matter the seas that we must navigate.


Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Minute Friday-See

Free write for 5 minutes about:  See

Laughter is very important to is a gift from God which science may never truly explain.  There are even references in the Bible about laughter-think Isaac.

A few years ago while going through a period of dark grief I realized just how important laughter is.  I missed laughing. 

When my parents died a few years ago the "command to laugh" was part of our death bed conversations.  First was serve God, serve others.....right behind that was "Enjoy the life God has given you.  Laugh."  This was surprising to hear from my dad who battled clinical depression, which is more my tendency,  less surprising from my mom who's testimony in life was her deep and always obvious joy that led so many others to God.

While going through the grief process I had to seek laughter.  I had to look every day for reasons to laugh, and if not to laugh then at least to smile.  Now it comes easier to me, and I have uncovered the joy that was hidden beneath layers of life.

God has gifted me with joy...with laughter....I love it!!!!

SO with that I encourage each one of you to SEE THE LAUGHTER that lives around you and more importantly within you!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

On my text screen....

 My favorite text screen of the week....again, names changed to protect the innocent.

Mickey Mouse:  Wow!

Minnie Mouse:  Me too!!! Yay!!! Thank u for praying

Donald Duck:  Hope ur off today enjoying time with family.

Daisy Duck:  Red Velvet

Pluto: Hehe, well happy 20th!

Goofy:  All of them :)

Clara Bell: That's so amazing

What is your favorite text of the week?


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

20 years!

Today is our 20 year anniversary!  The picture comes from our celebration dinner with my twin and her hubs.  Yes, I celebrated with my twin because we walked down the aisle together 20 years ago today.  We had a double wedding which seemed the only right way to do it for us.  The four of us have grown together in so many ways over the last 20 years, and I'm looking forward to the next 20!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scripture of the Week

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust."  Psalm 91:1-2

E is praying for a couple from our church who is teaching in Tanzania.  I decided to pray with her and we are praying Psalm 91 for them this week.  I love the picture of dwelling in the shelter of the Most High.  I also love the thought that in His shadow is rest.  We can feel sheltered and we can rest when  He is our refuge and fortress.  Our souls are safe in Him.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity


We have so many amazing opportunities to be salt and light in the world. We take this seriously.  We get this.  We want to fulfill the Great Commission in small tangible ways everyday, starting at home within our small circles until the ripples end up extending outward to the whole world.  We love these opportunities.

But do you know what I struggle with?  The opportunities to show that same salt and light to fellow Christians.  Especially when I am hurt by fellow Christians.  This is an area God has been growing me in for years.  I need to be a reflection of Christ with everyone.    We have an opportunity for growth and we have the opportunity to help others grow.

The question we embrace these opportunities or do we go into a tailspin of hurt?  Quite the challenge.  Can you do it?  With Christ all things are possible.  So, go forward..determined to rise to the challenge of opportunity.  I dare you... you will be amazed at what God does.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

100 cool things I've been blessed to do....

After making a list of things I want to do, I realized that I've already been able to do some very cool things.  It really has been a rich life so far!

1. given birth to a daughter 2. prayed with my daughter to receive Christ 3. spent a week with my family taking care of my dying father, hearing his final heart beat and 4. preparing his body for the funeral home. 5. spent the last week of my mother’s life with my family, taking care of her, hearing the last words she ever spoke as she talked to Jesus. 6. together with a circle of friends took care of a dying friend, heard the last beat of her heart 7. snorkeled with sting rays 8. went on a cruise with my twin and my mom 9. snorkeled in the South China Sea 10. played the flute, French horn, mellophone, and piano 11.marched through Disney in a parade playing my mellophone 12. walked on the beach under the moonlight 13. gone through a corn maze at night with my sisters 14. hiked through mountain trails in WV with my sisters in the fall and again with family in the spring 15. walked to a mountain top cemetery in the dark with my sisters and nephew 16. successfully performed the Heimlich maneuver twice 17. caught a baby shark with my hands 18. rode in a hot air balloon 19. heard the final heart beat of my friend’s husband 20. had a poem published in an anthology 21. had a poem published in a magazine 22. walked 2 half marathons, one in PA and the one in the OBX 23. watched sea turtles hatching 24. rode on the tailgate of a pick up truck on muddy roads 25. visited my mom’s old home place  26. visited my grandmother’s church 27. picked a bushel of wild blackberries 28. could still ride a bike with “no hands” after I turned 40 29. successfully water skied 30. attempted snow skiing 31. swung on vines 32. sledding in the snow 33. tubing in a river 34. gone to 2 indoor water parks 35. ridden on the top of a convertible in a parade 36. went with my mom on her first ski boat ride in the last year of her life 37. boated at sunset 38. helped lead a women’s conference with 2 friends 39. tasted fried liver pudding in an old cafe in NC while on a girl trip 40. rode in a paddle boat in my PJs giggling like a school girl with 2 friends 41. went on a mission trip to the Philippines 42. have been part of a neighborhood supper club for 2 years 43. have been baptized in a river 44. helped my twin during the birth of my niece...saw my niece’s very first breath of life. 45. rode in a private jet with friends to dinner then flew home again 46. picked fresh blueberries 47. picked peaches in a peach orchard 48. picked fresh strawberries 49.picked cherries and then made a pie with them 50. had a double wedding with my twin  51. heard God’s voice and have seen God’s handiwork in my life 52. rode through Mayberry in Barney Fife’s squad car with my sisters 53. have been deep beneath the earth in caverns 54. live in my childhood dream home 55. napped in a hammock 56. have seen 2 musicals in NY-Wicked and Mama Mia 57. climbed trees 58. have ice skated 59. have roller skated 60. ferried across the ocean to an island 61. stayed at a bed and breakfast 62. caught crawdads
63. rode a water taxi in Boston with Marty and Erin 64. rode through NY in a white limo 65. visited Washington DC three times 66. went to a top 10 book store in Seattle with 2 friends 67. have eaten a Philly Cheese Steak in Philly 68. played golf with my sisters 69. have roasted weenies in a bonfire and made smores for dessert 70. have had 2 surprise parties given for me 71. graduated from Duke with my Master’s Degree 72. have seen Jimmy Buffett in concert twice 73. have taken pictures of men in coconut bras 74. roasted fresh chestnuts 75. been part of a championship marching band
76. made a hand made journal, stitching included 77. have read poetry in front of an audience 78. went square dancing with my husband and a group of friends 79. had champagne with lunch 80. built a snowman 81. made cookies with my daughter 82. stayed up until 3 AM talking to my dad 3 weeks before he died 83. have heard my best friends heart beats 84. have been part of a book club 85. have been part of a women’s breakfast  86. learned French 87. have ridden on a jet ski with Marty88. have ridden on a 4 wheeler with Marty 89. painted a picture 90. spit watermelon seeds 91. took a walk in the rain 92. slept in a sleeping bag beneath the stars 93. played in caves 94. visited a top 10 book store in Washington DC 95. found live sand dollars 96. have been greeted by an exuberant dog 97. have had amazing supportive family and friends 98. have been freed from my past 99. have had ashes on my forehead for ash Wednesday
100. have spent a week driving nothing but a golf cart



Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have been intrigued with making a list of things I want to do for about a year now.  I was at a poetry conference and had the privilege of being in a workshop with Lola Haskins.  Not only did she give me great poetry tips, but she also gave me great life tips.  She realized she did not want to miss out on life so she set some goals.  What an inspiration she was!  Then I read this Mighty Life List and knew I needed to make my own.  My buddy B and I spent time this evening on her porch making our lists and I gotta tell you....we had so much fun. Her hubby helped come up with the name (10)(10) from the scripture reference John 10:10.  An abundant life indeed!

 1. walk the Camino 2. go to Denver, Colorado 3. visit the top 10 book stores in the US 4. write a collection of short stories 5. go on a silent retreat alone 6. go on a modified silent retreat with friends 7. stay at Abbey of Gethsemani in KY 8. write a collection of devotionals 9. write essays about my family history 10. visit the Grand Canyon 11. go to Hawaii with my sister Susie 12. walk a 1/2 marathon in an exotic place 13. learn Spanish 14. drive route 66 15. visit every state in the United States 16. learn to play the drums 17. stand naked in Alaska 18. stay in a hut on the water in Tahiti 19. have a chocolate tasting party 20. stand under a waterfall 21. go skinny dipping 22. ride a dinner train 23. go to a mystery dinner theatre 24. ride a trolley in San Francisco 25. buy a convertible 26. eat fruit in the rain  27. visit a hot spring 28. organize family pictures 29. take my sisters on a cruise 30. go on a gambling boat 31. swim in the Dead Sea 32. visit Paris 33. eat pasta in Italy 34. have fresh flowers delivered every month for a year 35. plant an herb garden 36. dance a night away 37. visit 10 art museums 38. spend a month in a house by the sea 39. drink a bottle of wine that cost at least $100 40. visit the top 10 vineyards in the US 41. make my bedroom a haven 42. see the aurora borealis 43. find my childhood pen pal 44. drink coffee on a porch in the mountains of NC 45. have a shower with multiple heads 46. go on a medical mission trip 47. zip line in costa rica 48. Hang glide at Kill Devil Hills, NC  49. create a memory book of my life for Erin 50. plant blueberry bushes 51. go to 10 musicals 52. take Marty on a surprise get a away 53. plant hydrangea bushes 54. read poetry at an open mic  55. visit old churches in NC 56. visit 10 local coffee shops in old NC/SC/VA towns 57. taste 100 new foods 58. have a window seat 59. keep a photo thankfulness calendar for a year 60. take pictures of old doors in NC 61. stay in an exercise class for one year 62. have a sleep over in a book store or library 63. visit Spaghetti’s grave 64. write a short story about a carnival worker 65. throw a block party 66. have a sleep over with my friends 67. do a book study with B 68. paint a picture 69. write sympathy cards 70. make an art room 71. visit Wilmington 72. read 50 classic novels 73. read 10 poetry collections 74. make a fairy garden 75. take Erin to NY 76. shag lessons with Marty 77. plan a progressive dinner for Erin and her friends 78. organize a scavenger hunt 79. make a rooster statue out of scraps 80. plan my funeral 81. buy an old boot scrape 82. pay for the person in line behind me once a month for a year 83. make garden stones  84. eat a gooseberry 85. encourage someone to get a college degree 86. plant daffodil bulbs in the fall 87. girlfriend outings 4 times a year 88. plant 2 apple trees 89. hike a leg of the Appalachian Trail in the fall 90. keep a journal 91. visit 10 NC lighthouses 92. sleep on the porch with Erin and Marty 93. make a photo calendar 94. make a family tree 95. preserve my grandfather’s journals 96. ride an elephant 97. watch 25 good movies 98. have a poem published 99. go on a sister trip every year 100. finish an art journal

I encourage each of you to come up with a list of things you would like to do. It will spark your hopes, wishes and will give you happy things to look forward to!


Eight Simple Truths

 You've probably heard the saying..."If Christians aren't happy fill in the blank...".  Well, I've worked hard over the past several years at cultivating happiness.  When I say work...I do mean work.  Mind, soul and body work.   My gift of joy was buried deep within dark layers of dirt and mire.  The good news is-I haven't tended this garden alone.

The Master Gardener, aka God, was also hard at work.  He kept a steady supply of everything a garden needs to grow.  Rain, sometimes in the form of storms so severe that I thought I may drown.  Other times in the form of sunshine so abundant I felt like I was in a drought.  Most times, though the weather conditions were perfect, with a fine balance of sun, temperature, rain and clouds.   He sent many other gardeners to help throughout the process including family, friends, church body and co-workers.  He spoke to me through the sacred as well as the secular.  One specific secular resource I've leaned on was The Happiness Project book and now the blog.

The author, Gretchen Rubin, came up with Eight Splendid Truths.  As I've pondered my life's lessons I have come up with 8 of my own. I decided to name mine Eight Simple Truths.  Here they are! (in no particular order)

1. Seek God first and everything else will fall into place.  (trust me on this)

2.  I've never been disappointed when I changed my perspective from negative to positive. (see Five Minute Friday post... this writing exercise prompted me to get this list of life lessons made!)

3.  Being yourself is more enjoyable than being someone else's shadow, for all parties involved. (wisdom from my 11 year old)

4.  You are responsible for your own happiness i.e. you can't expect another person to make you happy, it lays the groundwork for failure.

5.  If you aren't happy where you are, you won't be happy anywhere else. (at least not for long, that sneaky unhappy baggage has a way of traveling with you).

6.  Inner joy produces outward happiness.

7.  Never give outward circumstances the power to destroy inner joy. (yes, sometimes we are in dire straights but you can't stay there, press onward through the rainy seasons and deserts!)

8.  Hold on loosely...this too shall pass. Otherwise known as my Ice Cream Melts Principle... meaning even good things like ice cream don't last which is a bad thing but eventually you will get ice cream again which is a good thing. Ha. This one is courtesy of 38 Special and God...another great example of God speaking through the secular, you just have to listen for his voice, or have a weird way of thinking like me.

How about you?  What are some simple things you've learned that either made you happier....or not?


Five Minute Friday-Perspective

The view never changes....the view always changes...yep.  That's perspective.  It is one of the things I've worked on for years.  My perspective.

The way I deal with any situation boils down to my perspective.  I girl I used to work with many years ago pointed this out to me during a heart to heart....and I have not forgotten the lesson. A light bulb went on, one that I didn't even know existed.  When I realized what an impact...negative or positive...that my perspective had on any situation it was profound.

Did I learn the lesson right away?  NOPE.  I've had to keep working on it for years.

There are situations I can not change, people I can not change...there is always something I can't change at any given moment in my life.  The ONE thing I CAN CHANGE is my perspective....and I can tell you this simple truth:

I have never been disappointed when I changed my perspective.

It is all about perspective.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

On my thankfulness calendar today....

Spent the afternoon in the kitchen baking lemon pudding cookies with my daughter.  A bright spot of sunshine on a rainy afternoon!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scripture of the Week

Listen to me, O house of Jacob,
    all the remnant of the house of Israel,
who have been borne by me from before your birth,
    carried from the womb;

 even to your old age I am he,
    and to gray hairs I will carry you.
I have made, and I will bear;
    I will carry and will save.

Isaiah 46:3-4

You have Lord, I know you will continue. Yes, I know you will.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

On my text screen today....

Texting makes me happy!

I always enjoy reading the first few words that show up on my text screen.  It is interesting to see the bits and pieces of the many conversations I've had going.  I love that I can "talk" with so many different people!  Some days the threads are quite funny....some days there are serious things woven in....some days I'd like to take all the beginnings of the messages and create a story from them...some days the threads are pure joy...Like today.

This is what I saw on my text screen....(names changed to protect the innocent)

Naw, silly. Driver introductions...

That would be great.

That would be fun.

Yahoo! Sondie will you....


Ohhhh...the raspberry sorbet is yummy!

How can I not be happy when I see happy words like that?  Heart happy stuff.

Do any of you smile when you look at your main text screen?

Friday, May 11, 2012

See Ya' Later Sonderella

I have retreated for quite awhile but am planning a return.  One of the things I have figured out is that I'm not the Sonderella I once was.  Every time I thought about blogging again I just couldn't make it work.  I did not enjoy even thinking about it.  This has been a conundrum because blogging used to be one of life's small pleasures for me.  After pondering this for the past several months, it finally dawned on me that it's because my purpose has changed.  Sonderella just didn't fit anymore.  The glass slippers have been pinching my toes.

Sonderella was my outlet for processing many life changes...good changes and difficult changes.  While I will always process life events, I realized that it no longer consumes me.   I've spent the last several years "trading my ashes" and will do this the rest of my life BUT I'm no longer living in the ashes.  That is a key improvement.  I am walking in the freedom Christ purchased for me on the cross.  He did not die for me to live in ashes, but to walk in freedom.  Faith not fear.

So, here I am.  Feeling like I've come to a "normal" place.  So what if I'm at the lower end of normal?! I'll take it and rejoice in it!