Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art of Silliness

I haven't had time to do anything with the Silliness Challenge until this afternoon. Erin and her friend M and I sat and spent a little time on it (after they did their homework). The challenge today is to write a Haiku about falling asleep then spend 10 minutes drawing a picture about it. Unfortunately I couldn't get our pages to scan but decided to at least post our poems.

Here is Mary's poem:

Sleepy at School
I sit in my desk
All sounds fade away from me
My eyes close slowly.

Now imagine a girl with her head on her desk for the picture.

My poem:

Enchanting moonbeams
The glow of magical light
Beckons me to rest.

Insert picture of a full moon with moonbeams reaching downward with little music notes throughout the image. (trust me, it sounds better than what I actually drew).

Erin didn't like the constraints of the Haiku so she wrote her own thing.

Falling asleep is wonderful.
Close your eyes and go
into dreamland.

Picture a girl lying in bed asleep with a dream bubble above her head, a horse running free.

Now write your own poem with a 10 minute sketch!


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