Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Week of Blessings

God's blessings always amaze me. Here's just a few of the blessings He has poured over me this last week.

Monday-Sharing a birthday dinner with a super special young lady
Tuesday-Art class at a local coffee shop with L and C-fun, fun, fun
Wednesday-Talking to my sister
Thursday-Maintaining good health in the midst of viruses galore
Friday-Friends who came to our 31 party, a loving husband who takes care of me and E
Saturday-Having breakfast with precious friends while meeting new friends, bumping into an old friend unexpectedly and having a few stolen moments with her over a cup of coffee...buying books from a used book store with a gift certificate (Christmas gift!), warm enough weather to walk outdoors again with a friend and hanging out in PJ's with two giggly girls.

My dad taught me to count my blessings many years ago. He was right...when you count your blessings you realize they outweigh your sorrows every time.

So, blessings to you!

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