Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful Tuesday and Thursday-Here We Are!

Erin and I both agree again this week on what we are thankful for....being here in Philadelphia with family (and friends)! This is our first trip here and it is great. We got here by 9:30 this morning and The Hyatt was kind enough to let us in one of our rooms without having to wait until the usual check in time. I've never had this happen so a very nice surprise to have a place to land.

After we refreshed for a bit we walked to the South Street area and had the best Philly Cheese Steaks EVER at a local place called Jim's. Neat atmosphere and fabulous food. Erin even ate every bite which is a big deal for the little eater that she is. After that we walked to the convention center and registered for our marathon. Extremely exciting to get my packet and shirt. My marathon bib has my name and AGE-completely unnecessary to put the age. I'll store that information away before the next marathon in February. Maybe I'll be 35 for that one :)

Tonight we will take a train about an hour away to Freight House Restaurant. A friend at home is one of the owners and his son is meeting us there for a visit. Should be very yummy and fun.

Anyway-we are thankful to be here!

Erin and Sondie

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