Saturday, November 14, 2009

Splotches of Love

Never have I seen a child so excited over the beauty of nature than today with Erin. We were driving about an hour up the road to go shopping and she was amazed by the colorful leaves. The whole hour was spent looking at leaves and talking about colors...God's colors, God's creations. She even joked that we couldn't finish a conversation because we both kept getting sidetracked by the beauty around us. She had some very poetic phrases that I may steal.

For example-She thought all of the colors were "splotches of love"...she was amazed that God would love us so much to give us such brilliant colors.

She also pointed out the "Fall Fireworks" and thought these were more awe inducing than the fireworks that she oohs and aahs over on the Fourth of July.

Then there was the "collage of colors". She was intrigued with a green barn surrounded by multicolored leaves...a brick house behind the trees...bright clumps of leaves peeking between the pines...all of these were collages of colors.

She,being a music lover, made up a song and sang it to me...the colors dancing her head, speaking of God's love, God's creativity living within her. It really was an awesome song.

Me, being a poetry lover, made up poetry lines...ummm, with her phrases. Is it wrong to steal ideas from your children?

We had a lovely day together, lots of plans made for future fun. The more time I spend with her the more I see what a funny, smart, and artistic little girl she is. I pray I can nurture that creativity God has given her and that her heart will always rejoice in Him.


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