Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PAD November Poetry Challenge

I have been doing the poetry challenge at this site. Today was day 3 and the prompt was to write 2 poems-one negative, one positive OR to combine the 2 into one poem. This is what I scribbled down while sitting outside a coffee shop in the few minutes I had before picking up E from school. Not the best poetry but how I felt at the time!

Negative Coffee, Positive Day

Off work early today

An unexpected surprise.

Sunny and seventy

Great to be outside.

Tried a new coffee shop

The java was terrible.

Negative yes, but so many positives

Made it more than bearable.

Sunday's prompt was focusing on something new...this was my attempt.


Grey corners at the edge of a blue sky

fold back like a blanket

inviting me to rest.

A new creature arises with the dawn.

Monday's challenge was to write from a different point of view such as the doctor becoming the patient. I chose to have a triangle become a circle.

Triangle vs Circle

Three sides.

Three angles.

It is who I am.

Sharp corners.

Definite boundaries.

A rigid, demanding life.

Curved line.

No angles.

It is who I have become.

Smooth rolling.

Strong center.

Life is better as a circle.


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Tom Bailey said...

I have switched my coffee for tea but I like the picture and message you have in what you write. I could not stand to write negative poems. Having a triangle becoming a circle... that is a very creative idea!

Thank you for contributing to my blog.

Best regards