Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning Moon

The moon was beautiful this week, even in the morning. My picture just doesn't do it justice. I snapped this shot while driving to work, my arm stuck up through the sunroof without any aim, just hoping to capture it with a random shot.

That would have been an interesting traffic stop..."No sir I haven't had a morning toddy. I had to dig through my purse, stick my camera out of the sunroof to get a picture of the moon, then preview it to make sure I at least had the moon in the picture, so sir-ya' wanna see how it looks?"

I thought about the moon just wanting to get a glimpse of the day before tucking himself in to bed. I imagined that he wanted to see the beautiful fall see how his counterpart Sun was doing with her role as "the daylight provider"...I imagined he sighed a contented sigh before ducking beneath the earth and thinking about what a wonderful, beautiful world it is...saying a prayer of thanks that he gets to be such an important part of it all.

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