Friday, October 2, 2009

Fat Friday

This week’s Fat Friday isn’t a recipe about good food…it is about the nourishment that can only come from good times with old friends. The joy of reconnecting…nourishment for the spirit.

An impromptu gathering of friends, food, food, and more food, laughter and shared stories. A deeper knowledge of each other. Another glimpse of God, new aspects of His character revealed.

A midget in white go-go boots, hitchhiking to another state, giving a speech with underwear hanging out of a pant leg, BBQ waffle fries with bleu cheese crumbles, Starbucks ice cream, motherhood, jobs, marriage, brownies, graduation, predestination, mushrooms on pizza, smoking with Brad Pitt, continuing the party after the party stopped…God’s grace, mercy and redemptive power. There weren’t many topics we didn’t cover.

Memories shared, memories made as the threads of our lives were woven together once again.

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candyknits said...

a great time was had by all! love you.