Wednesday, October 7, 2009

5 Words

Here's my five word challenge using: pulverize cauldron sovereign forfeit shoal

Here I am. A small fish in a shoal of writers. B says, “C’mon you’ve still got time to write something.”

Hmmm. I have a writer’s block. I think. I write. I think. I write. I think about writing. I think about thinking. I write about thinking. You get the picture. A brainstorming session gone bad. My brain is wracked, my fingers callused, and still I have nothing. With each streak of lightening of brainstorming thought my brain becomes more fried…a pulverized mass writhing on the ground.

Where is my creativity fairy when I need her? Surely she can mix up something in that sparkly purple cauldron of hers…you know, a special fairy writing dust that will waft around my head. Maybe I can forfeit my sense of smell and inhale some of it…or how about my sense of taste. I can stick out my tongue to catch it like a snowflake that leaves a small cold spot when it melts. Or what if I swallow a just a tiny sprinkle? Will it work better? The dust becoming part of who I am that will give me the power to write beautiful things as long as I want.

Writing…it gives me a chance to be the creator. No one does anything without my say so. Plus I can make anyone do anything I so desire. I can be in control. But alas, this will not be the moment I can inflict my sovereignty over the masses of characters just waiting to be created.

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