Monday, September 7, 2009

Bugged Out

Something is up in the insect world...they have decided to attack a certain invader. No mercy is their battle cry.

It all started last Thursday. I was sitting on a retaining wall and noticed my purse was full of fire ants. I realized ants lived on the other side of the retaining wall but not before a few of them had bitten me. It took a while to get them all out of my purse, but I did prevail...

Until Saturday. I was getting things out of my backseat when I felt a unique discomfort on my left foot...unique to an ant bite that is. I was standing on an ant hill and boy were they mad. I slapped and jumped until all of them were off and sustained only 2 or 3 bites. A close call.. I had taken a claritin for good measure, which I never do after an ant bite,but I hoped it would keep the terrible ant itch under control which is did for about 30 minutes...

Until I developed intense itching on my legs, my wrists, and upper body. Wow, I didn't think they had bitten above my ankles. Surely I was imagining the itch. My eyes started to feel puffy and my throat a little tight. Hmmm. I decided to take a look at my itchy spots and discovered I had hives all, raised, itchy, ugly hives. I drank some liquid benadryl and existed in a state between itchy and sleepy until Sunday morning...I decided to call a doctor and get a steroid dose pack to put myself out of misery.

This has worked well, but I somehow keep running into their homes. As I was walking this morning with a couple of friends I managed to walk right into a giant cobweb. I was peeling the sticky web off my head and arms when my friend L dropped the exercise balls and commanded me to stand still. Apparently the owner of the web was crawling up my shoulder, headed toward my neck. She bravely saved my life as she swatted it off. I understand that it was a huge, furry thing close to tarantula size. Safe...

Until...a few hours later as I was unpacking groceries. I kept feeling a weird sensation in my sports bra. Nah, I thought, I'm just paranoid now. There is nothing in my sports bra. I kept telling myself this for about 15 minutes when I couldn't stand the suspense any longer. I looked. I did not scream. I did jump up and down and do the bug get out of my bra dance.

What is going on here? Sure I was a usurper the first few times, well maybe the last time too. Maybe I rescued a victim from Mrs. Big and Furry's Web which is why the last bug showed gratitude.

All I know is that now I'm jumping with every little tickle.

Bugged out,


hipmissionary said...

Hey, glad to see you are back - it must be that time of the year, I actually wrote a little something on mine a couple of days ago - the first time since December! So looking forward to being with y'all in October! Love, C

candyknits said...

Ooooh, I hate the bugs! Glad to see you back in bloglandia.