Saturday, March 7, 2009

Altered Reality

The mind is a powerful thing. How is it that we can convince ourselves that something is reality when in reality, it isn't reality? Hmmm...mind boggling I know.

It starts simply enough. We think an abnormal thought or perform an abnormal action once, then well, might as well do it again, until it gets easier and easier...until it becomes our normal. It becomes our reality. It becomes our mind's home.

I know normal is relative and I'm not talking about relative things here. I'm talking about the power of the mind to convince ourselves that certain things are ok when they are not. A very simple example that pops in my mind is that of someone who brushes their hair with a toothbrush because they are running late and they can't find their hairbrush. Ok , bizarre, but work with me. The day gets away from them and they forget all about finding the hairbrush, there are other things more important after all, so the next morning they find themselves in the same situation.

It happens every day. We get past the tough spot and forget about it until we find ourselves in the same tough spot again. So, once again short on time in the morning, it is easier to use the spare toothbrush to brush our hair than to have to put forth effort to do any thing other than we are doing.

At what point does this become our norm? Something obviously not normal, yet it has now become somewhat of a routine for our minds. Why bother with the difficult task of searching for a hairbrush? Who needs it? It is just more comfortable to maintain our current routine than to try to force our minds to see the reality of the problem...easier than searching through the mounds of clutter that fills our mind's home.

I am at fault of this as well. My mind runs to negative thoughts that surround me like a blanket on a cold day....negative actions that caress my skin like a warm ocean breeze. To have to tell my mind to stop a thought process when it feels so good to give in. To stop acting a certain way because it takes more energy to stop the action instead of just coasting along. Who needs it? Life is hard enough.

It is just easier than trying to fight the nature our sinful minds are bent towards. It takes time and energy to search for our takes time and energy to fight our tendencies of thoughts and actions that come very naturally to us. It is easier to be the wounded one, the wronged one, the hurting one, the addicted one, than to be the God-like one. We are born with sinful natures. Makes sense.

I pray that God reveals to me the areas of my life that have become an altered reality...then give me the strength to make these areas real, Godly real, not worldly real, painful or not.

What is your altered reality?

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