Monday, February 2, 2009

Have you lost your keys?

We haven't had any random objects appear at our house in about a year. It looks like it is time for the mysteries to begin again.

Have you lost your keys? Really, I'm serious. We found a set of keys at our house. Looks like house keys, maybe a suitcase key, office keys, and a key faub. If this sounds like your key ring that you can't find give us a call.

Also, we noticed paper towels and a magazine label. A hint, your initials are JZ and you live in Southern Pines. We'd love to meet you. You may be wondering how your stuff ended up in our living room as well. Are the keys yours perhaps?

I have had the biggest laughs over this. So far none of our usual suspects have claimed the keys, paper towels, or magazine label. We never have figured out where a lot of the random items came from last year and this may be chalked up to more of our unsolved mysteries. (It would be interesting to know who the sheriff from Texas was!) If the mysteries ever stop I think I'd be bored. I'll have to pay someone to plant things then.

Also, there is a nice scarf on the wicker couch on the porch. I'll leave it there in case you want to pick it up.

Happy Monday!

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seesawfaith said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement!

By the way...your lost keys post is really funny!