Saturday, January 17, 2009

Taking on the Clutter

Today I got serious about decluttering my house. The first area up for bid on the auction block was the mud room and laundry room. Once I got started I realized I needed to do the pantry...and a few cabinets...and the storage cabinet (i.e. former entertainment center, current clutter holder with the doors kept shut). I decluttered, dusted, moved furniture, swept, and mopped. I found the biggest dust bunnies I've ever seen.

Before I knew it I had spent 7 hours cleaning today. My house feels pounds lighter from getting rid of so much stuff. Now, the challenge will be keeping my momentum going until every room is done.

Oh how much better it looks! It was so worth the effort. Plus, I still had two boxes that hadn't been unpacked from moving in nearly 2 years ago-can't believe it has been that long-and guess what? There was my good ol' blender! Woohoo!

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