Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Sunday 2009

We have had a great first Sunday 2009! A wonderful first Sabbath.

We did wake up a bit late and were tempted to skip church, but thankfully didn't fall for the trick. The service was amazing. I felt God's presence as soon as I walked in the door...about 5 minutes late. The tears were flowing to the point of Marty asking if I was OK. The music was unbelievable, the spirit was moving, the communion was soul touching, and the sermon was perfect for the New Year.

We then had a quiet lunch at, almost home...then quiet time while Erin went to a friend's house after church. We had a superb, phenomenal supper of beef tenderloin with very dear, very special friends. Many laughs and special memories made. (Erin even ate two servings of spinach and asparagus salad!)

I hope this is a forerunner of things to come...if not, I pray God gives me the strength to withstand and grow...thrive even no matter the year ahead.

Happy Sabbath to you.

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