Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spied On

I have been spied on!

Sunday afternoon my internet wasn't working right. Monday morning it wouldn't work at all...and my desk top icons were rearranged.

My dear hubby took a look and found that several spies were watching me. So many in fact that my internet connection would not even open.

So many that my computer was completely locked up...grrr! I was surrounded.

Somehow my firewalls were down which allowed it all to happen. It took a bit but my favorite undercover agent got rid of the spies and reinstalled my firewalls.

I can just imagine the buzz..."Hey all you computer criminals in web world, there is an idiot Christmas shopping with no firewalls in place! Join us for a shopping spree on her!" (I wasn't really Christmas shopping so don't get excited, only a coffee order and a three books from Amazon)

Beware all...make sure your firewalls are intact.


Lynn Cross said...

Computers, I love them when they are working well, and I hate them when they don't. I have actually walked this week. Love, Lynn

Lynn Cross said...

Oh, I forgot to say, thanks for reminding me to order some coffee! Lynn