Friday, December 26, 2008


Oh how I needed a fun time with friends!

I was reading something today about passions...meaning wounds in the depth of the soul, wounds that need the sure anointing of divine mercy and forgiveness. Wounds that pervert the vision of love, wounds that require humility to allow us to seek the help of another; however, we do not often encourage one another in being honest, vulnerable, and undefended. We cannot deal with passions in isolation...which is my default.

I think I can handle things on my own. I think it causes more pain to allow others inside the fortress I have built around my heart, but humility keeps me at the foot of the does not allow my pride to stand in the way. It allows me to admit that I need companions in this journey, regardless of the pain caused by tearing down my walls ... some experienced sister travelers.

Thank you my sister travelers. You who offer mercy and grace, not judgment. You who do not allow me to wallow in my pit of despair allowing my passions, my wounds, to hinder my walk thus keeping me distanced from God and others. You who keep me from isolating, you who keep me vulnerable so that I can be I can be humble.

Oh how we need one another.

May I be for you what you are to me.

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~Loretta said...

amen...sweet Sondie! It's been a rough year...happy NEW year!