Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas All Year

OK...time for the lady with the big eye to move down a spot.

I have been thinking about my Christmas list and realized there is nothing more I need than what has already been given. How can I in good conscious ask for anything else?

The gifts I have been given throughout the year have astounded me! This has been the most emotionally difficult and heart breaking year I have had in many moons, yet with every heartbreaking memory there is a blessing. My dad taught me to look for the blessings in every situation because they outweigh the troubles every time. He was right.

My family is in absolute chaos, but we continue to stand in unity even through gut wrenching tumultuous times. My twin and I are not in the midst of it since we don't live in WV but we pray and hurt for them. I don't know how they are surviving except by the grace of God. My twin moved closer so we are getting to spend more time together again and that is a tremendous blessing. We have needed one another to get through the year.

My friends have celebrated with me, cried with me, laughed with me, prayed with me, and loved me. They started my January off with a surprise graduation party and the money for a class ring (my first ever!). Many drove to WV to support me at my dad's funeral. They even all chipped in to help pay for his funeral (the intertwining of grief and financial hardship is quite strangling and I don't wish this burden on anyone ever!). A few months later our home became a reality through the graciousness of friends. Of course my friends are all broke now after the expense of loving me. I am now gainfully employed with a steady income thankfully.

Yes, when I reflect on 2008 I realize the many, many gifts I have been given. Now it is time to enjoy the peace, hope, and expectation that is part of Advent. Now it is time to be thankful.

There is nothing more to add to my Christmas list...every gift has been given. I have had Christmas all year.

Peace to you.


Ken said...

Merry Christmas!

The Scotts said...

Well said! Thanks for sharing, it was an encouragement to me!!