Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thanks Sparky!

My husband is an amazing man to have around. Our bathroom job is finally done...from one weekend to three weekends, but he does it right. He is a perfectionist and pays attention to details that I wouldn't worry about. (As is in, "Who cares if we still have pieces of wallpaper will give the paint texture. Our new faux finish technique." Oh yes, I thought that.)

The best thing is that we went from 2 outlets to 6...yep, you read it right...6! And he discovered the built in nite light in the overhead light and put in a REALLY cool gadget with buttons for the light, the fan, the heat, and the nite light! Very cutting edge.

In our bathroom he upgraded us from 2 outlets to 8...yep, 8!! I'm ecstatic!!! No more going to the other bathroom to dry my hair b/c our one plug was full of his razor and my curling iron. We are entering a whole new way of life here.

The only down side is that I flooded our bathroom this morning before church. I just keep making messes for him to clean up. I knew I shouldn't have been working on those pipes by myself...

Thanks Sparky for all of your hard work...and you look cute in your tool belt to boot.

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Sparky said...

Anything for you, my love!