Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rainbow at Sunset

The evening sky was beautiful last night. This picture just doesn't capture the rainbow as it appeared. Wanted to post it anyway. It was so amazing that it ended up being a conversation piece last night. Quite an eye catcher.

When I turned around to go back in the house I realized the view behind me was sensational. The sky was a brilliant color.

The rainbow at sunset was breathtaking last night. Hope you had a chance to see it.

PS. Thanks Sparky for calling me to make sure I didn't miss the view! I would have if not for your thoughtful call. Love you sweetie!


candyknits said...

Hey Sondie, Yes, I saw it. I was driving around in Raleigh, amazed at the sunset and then surprised by the rainbow! God, He invented art!

Ken Cross said...

I hope it gives you hope. I love you. Lynn