Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attitude Not Abundance

At church today the sermon was titled "Before You Spend It..." It was a good reminder just before Black Friday and the spending we can do for Christmas. The first thing we should do with our (actually God's) money is give it back to God. Give to God first what is already His, we are only stewards over it.

The second thing we should do is put some in savings, not to be greedy but to be wise, to be prepared to respond when God calls on us to help someone in need, to be a good steward, to be able to pay for things without depending on a credit card. Save, not hoard which turns this virtue into a vice.

He gave alarming percentages reflective of the shift of our nation from being wise to greedy. In the 1980's 11% of income was put into savings accounts with only 4% being owed to credit cards. Now it is 12% of income owed to credit cards with 0, yes 0% going into savings accounts. We have become a greedy nation who requires instant gratification with more and more to fill ourselves up with. (Another interesting thing was that in the 1980's there were no storage units and now they are quite a hot commodity. We have so much stuff that we can't even get it into our homes.)

Many of us have aching, bruised toes. Many of us realize we need to make serious changes.

He reminded us that Thanksgiving isn't about is about an attitude of gratefulness. Being thankful for what we have, not feeling like we need more. Being thankful for what God has provided. Attitude not abundance.

Here's to being a good steward and being thankful for it!

Have a great Thanksgiving week, may it be one of heartfelt thankfulness.

Oh... one more thing. Before you spend your money on Black Friday ask yourself two questions:
1. Have I given money to God?
2. Have I put any money in a savings account?

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