Monday, October 27, 2008

Never Ever

In my best Scarlet O'Hara voice..."As God as my witness, never ever will I put wallpaper on anything!"

Good quick little paint job did not account for the work involved with just a few remnants of wallpaper left. The wallpaper was put up when the house was built some twenty odd years ago...before they applied the baseboards, installed the toilet, put up the get the picture. My husband came home after my 2 hours of work and declared the walls, "No where near ready for paint."

My friend who used to live here had 98% of it down or I would have pulled what is left of my hair out. My husband proceeded to remove all of the baseboards and the lights are hanging by wires. The toilet is still in place and will stay that way with a touch of yellow stripes behind it that we can't reach.

We have applied so much blue gel I feel like a smurf, we have scraped and peeled, and then spackled where needed. In short, the bathroom looks like a disaster zone. It may be this way until next weekend with the looks of our schedules.

So much for my quick weekend project.

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