Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Latest News

I talked to mom after my post last night and she said Sophie is starting to eat! We have been praying for a return of her appetite and even in this God is faithful. Half a sippy cup of juice and a few bites of supper....more than she's eaten in two weeks combined. If she will eat they are planning on discharge Tuesday! She will have a home health nurse for dressing changes and if all goes well only a monthly trip to Columbus.

It looks like the family will be living at mom and dad's. According to mom another government person will be doing a "walk through" Monday. They have been hard at work rounding up beds, cribs, name out and making room to convert to bedrooms. Sounds like they have it all ready. Donna will get her room back, Chuck and Rose will use dad's room (Rose will have a hard time with this one, I know b/c I had to sleep there in July and it was TOUGH), Sophie and Maddie will use the "storage room" which used to be a bedroom when I lived there upteen years ago, Faith will be downstairs in mom's old bedroom, and mom will keep her little room that dad planned and the family built so that he didn't die "in the house"....he had no idea that mom would want to stay in that room b/c she feels close to dad in had been years since she could go upstairs to the room they used to share. Whew....

Ben will be there when he isn't working out of town....not sure if Sarah will be allowed to stay there. She goes back to court in about a month after a mental health evaluation.

Now, construction will have to start on Rose and Chuck's house so that they can apply for custody and have a home for the kids to live in.

WV is a busy place.

Once again, thanks for prayers for my family.

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