Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The lesson this week at my women’s Bible study was on sin and the crossroads in our lives. Using David’s life as the foundation the study focuses on being anointed by God, then being transformed by God, and finally-redeemed by God. It has been a powerful study.

Using the scripture from 2 Samuel 11 and 12 we looked at several of David’s crossroads…times he had a choice in which direction to go, but chose his own road. Obviously to us when we read the passages a red flag goes up when he first sees Bathsheba bathing and wants to know who she is. Big crossroad! This first wrong choice led him down a road that lent itself to many more “self first” choices. “Self” had to be protected. At every crossroads David went farther and farther into a pit that he dug with his own hands.

The teacher this week pointed out that sin will take you farther than you ever intended or wanted to go. Once you get to the bottom of the pit and look up you realize that getting out will take longer and require a lot more effort than it did to slide farther down. She also points out that when we are at a crossroads and we knowingly choose the wrong path we are despising God. 2 Samuel 12:9 says “Why did you despise the word of the Lord by doing what is evil in his eyes?”

God sees it this way? That I despise Him when I knowingly make wrong choices? That is what scripture says. I made a wrong choice today…a choice I knew was wrong but didn’t want to deal with a situation that may have been uncomfortable for me. No, it wasn’t murder but God still calls it sin. Evil in His eyes.

It is so easy to justify what we do…to not call it sin. Unfortunately, as much as I try to justify my choices I have to call it for what it is. There are so many reasons we need to recognize it as sin…to ask for repentance, to walk closely with God, to not hurt others…whether we realize it or not there will be collateral damage.

This seems to be coming up a lot for me…”secret” sins, sins of choice, sins of comfort, little sins of no consequence…whatever I want to call it doesn’t change it. Nope, it is still sin.

I think I’m going to have to learn something here. I'm getting tired of the dirt under my fingernails from all my pit digging.

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