Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

One of the big mysteries of my life is what happens to the weekends. As soon as Friday evening begins I seem to enter a time warp. Next thing I know the alarm clock is waking me up to Monday morning.

It was such a good weekend and I'm thankful for many blessings-even if it did seem to go by at the speed of light. I was in my PJ's by 7 Friday night and had a peaceful evening. I spent time on the computer and reading. As blissful of an evening as could be...PJ's, books, computer ...yep, my little piece of heaven on earth.

Saturday was a day for friends. I met a friend for lunch and we had a beautiful afternoon talking. She is always so encouraging to me, she lifts my spirits when I am with her. What a joyful way to spend my day. The evening was spent with several different friends...a time of laughter and memory making. A perfect ending to a lovely day.

We had a wonderful church service today. The worship was sweet and the sermon was powerful. I learned many new things that I hadn't realized before about Nicodemus, Moses and the "snake on a stick", the Sanhedrin, secret believers and the radical way they brought their faith to light, and was reminded that Christ meets us right where we are. A very good thing for a sinner such as I.

I am especially reminded to enjoy these simple pleasures as I think of my family in WV. Yes, I feel guilty for having such a great weekend while they are walking through such a trial, but I also know they don't want Susie and I to stop living. None of us knows what tomorrow holds...we must cherish today...count our many blessings even in storms, and enjoy the life God has given us.

I am thankful that my Monday will start with the sound of an alarm clock, a hot cup of black coffee, my Bible, and then the rush to get us out the door to work and school. I am thankful for the mundane because it is a reminder that all is well....we are healthy and well.

Make it a great week!


Ken Cross said...

Glad you had a great weekend - always consider me as one of your "pops", the one that made you realize you hate missions,... find out when your church is going on a mission trip!

Lynn Cross said...

I miss you so much. I wish we could have lunch together too. I love you. Lynn