Saturday, September 27, 2008


I have been tagged by Loretta at I am supposed to tell 6 random things about myself and tag other people. I really don't have others to tag, except my twin, but I'll participate anyway.

1. I am a product of Head Start. I started out at Fruth in Charleston, WV...then went to another one in Charleston but can't remember the name of that one. Then we moved back to the holler and went to the program at Kenton where we stayed until Junior High School. Come to think of it, my twin and I are the only two from the holler who went to Head Start-and we're the only two who went to college as well. Hmmm, there's something to be said for Head Start Programs.

2. I remember my first trip to a library. It was at the second school we attended in Charleston. I can still feel my amazement at looking at the massive (to a 3-4 year old mind) shelves of books. How would I ever choose just one? I was completely enthralled. That is the very moment my love affair with books began. I could replay that scene over and over again in my mind. The book I finally settled on was Flicker the Discontented Firefly. We moved suddenly and I never got to return the book. I felt terrible about it, like I had stolen it. On the flip side, it became my secret treasure and the only book I owned for several years. You can imagine how many times I read it.

3. I used to love to ride in the back of my dad's truck. We rode to the ridge roads where we then either stood up trying to catch leaves holding on with one hand or no hands as we climbed to the top of the truck bed or the cab...we competed to see who could grab the most out of reach leaves. Susie had the advantage being so much taller, so I had to be very daring. The other way we liked to ride was on the tailgate, especially when it was muddy. We then saw how far off the tailgate we could hang as we drug as much of our legs through the mud as possible. We did fall off a few times...we would end up running behind the truck yelling and waving our arms for dad to stop and let us jump back on. Only one injury that whole time which is pretty amazing. I still have the scar...and no, I never went for medical treatment. We washed my hand in a metal tub of water and let it be.

4. I love dill pickle juice, but haven't drunk any for some time. Nuff said.

5. My first pet was a solid black cat I named Sugar. Go figure.

6. One of my favorite childhood activities was going to get firewood with my dad...chopping, loading, unloading, splitting, and stacking. Only one injury there when the axe flew out of my hands and the handle busted my lips.... no scars thankfully- plus I kept all my teeth. I think I was about 9 or 10.

Think I'll go drink some pickle juice...just kidding! Enjoy your Saturday!

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