Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mail Call

I got an address for Sophie and my sister today. If any of you in blog land get a minute to send a note of encouragement I know it would lift spirits. The skin grafts may be tomorrow, they have held off a week in hopes they could find more good tissue. She is still tube feed and morphine dependent. Friday will mark 14 days since this nightmare began. My nephew is there and they are now allowing the family (except the mother who is under investigation) to use the Ronald McDonald house which is a huge blessing. Rose still has not left the hospital and I'm not sure that Ben will either. Rose's husband, Chuck is headed back to Columbus tomorrow so I know it will help him to have this available.

Donna is hanging tough with the other two children (three when you add my mom). My mind still reels with the thoughts of how much she has on her plate! If anyone wants to send her a note let me know and I'll get that address to you as well.

Address: Sophia Swiney c/o Rose Swiney
Room 4608 Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Dr.
Columbus, OH 43205

Thanks ahead of time to any of you who are able to send a card. Hope you had a blessed Wednesday!

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