Monday, September 22, 2008

Latest update from my sis...

As much as my family has been fighting a battle we are still blessed! We need to be thankful for the blessings we have had over the last week.

We still have Sophia! That is a huge blessing! She has been fighting the good fight. We do have new skin growing. PTL! We are praying for no infection, and super natural amounts of skin to reform on her feet. We have had some bleak news. She will not walk for a least a year. She will continue to need surgeries until she is about 17. But she is going to have some skin grafting done this week. We need to pray the grafting takes or she could still lose her feet and toes.

We have Faith and Maddie with family! That is a blessing. All three of the kids are wards of the state but my sister has become their "foster" care. Thank God they are with people who love them and not strangers!

Mom's kitchen floor has been repaired (another blessing). Joel and his friend Aaron fixed my mom's floor this weekend. It is the first project at my mom's house since daddy died. Joel said he felt like Daddy was there at the house watching over him. This is the first time Joel has spent any time in the house since Daddy died. I know when I visited there was this overwhelming feeling that Daddy was still at the house. I know it sounds weird. I thought it was my way of dealing, but now that I hear Joel say the same thing it makes me wonder if Daddy really is looking over us all!

Ben (Sophia's daddy) and Sarah (Sophia's mommy) have both prayed for Jesus to be their savior! HUGE BLESSING! It is going to be a long road but with God all things are possible.

We are within a month of closing on our house! Another big blessing. We are officially under contract!

Pastor Chad talked about sustaining strength for some of our battles and supernatural power for others. Well, we need a supernatural touch for Sophia. And sustaining strength for the family.

Rose has been that strength for Sophia. She has not left the hospital for the last 9 days. I worry about her. How long can she do this? Well, today I know God will give her sustaining strength to be there for this innocent baby.

God is faithful and he directs our paths. I don't know at this minute how this will all work for the good of my family, but I don't doubt for a minute that when we get down the path a ways that we will see exactly how this has worked for good. I trust God completely!


By Susan at Journey to Heaven

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