Monday, September 22, 2008

Court Date

The court date for Ben's wife Sarah is Sept. 29. They are making criminal charges against her, so we are expecting prison time. The courts will also decide that day whether to leave the children in foster care with my sister Donna. We have no reason to suspect they won't leave the kids with her. The kitchen floor was repaired this weekend (Thank you mighty man Joel!)

We do not know what this will all look like further down the road. We do know God is in the details (He even made sure Rose had her hormone patches...vital need!), and that He knows best for my family. Our ultimate prayer is that Rose and Chuck will be able to adopt the kids or that Ben will be able to get them back with his parents helping when he is out of town working. Rose and Chuck will need the ultimate home make over before they can be approved so please be in prayer about their living conditions.

Also pray as we navigate "the system". We have no experience with this and Donna is doing her best with trying to figure it out. Maddie the 10 month old will go to daycare today for the first time...pray for her, oh what changes she has had in her life the last few weeks. Pray for Donna and her very full plate.

Pray for continued healing for Sophie...what a very long road she has in front of her. Pray for Rose who will not leave the hospital until Sophie does. Pray for strength for my family. Pray for home renovations if this is God's plan for the children. Pray for Sarah and Ben, they are so young to be facing such obstacles.

Thanks for the prayers. I think my family has used up our quota this year, but I appreciate how many people have loved us through it all...more than you may ever know.

We will continue to praise Him in the storm!

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