Friday, August 22, 2008

Surf Snippets

Here are some snippets of conversations I heard while walking along the surf.

Two forty something men drinking beer, I could only hear one voice: "Yeah....Yeah...Hey Wait a minute on that one."

Thirty something man and woman walking towards the pier: Man "Can you imagine fishing from the pier today. Throw your line out and ZZPPTTFFF...gone." Woman "Hmmm"

Woman to boy about 5 or 6 years old: "You come back here and get your sunscreen on. I said come get your sunscreen on. Your mama's gonna be mad if she comes back and your burnt! Now come on!"

Two teenage looking boys, both with bogey boards: "Hey man, watch this!"

A group of people, one man talking: "...and then she said, 'I'm pregnant!' Can you believe that one?"

A very pregnant young girl to older lady: "Mama! Mama you'd better come get Jed! Look how far out in the water he is."

Older male to teen age boy: "So, ya think you're a fast runner? Do ya' think you could beat me? Of course I am older...and well, um...heavier..." (Imagine Yogi Bear's voice)

Two older women: "Then she said at the top of her voice 'Just look at these prices! Can you not do any better than this? This is outrageous!' I was so embarrassed and that is why I didn't want to go shopping with her again this time."

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