Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Totem Animal

Today I read more from my book that deals with walking and spirituality. The author has had one chapter on prayer which I liked, but a lot of this book is not so much what I was looking for. Although I did try an imagery thing out today. Here is the excerpt from the book so you can try it.

"If I were an animal, I would be a ...."
What came to your mind? Just say it. Fast. No need for analysis or deep contemplation. "If I were an animal, I would be a..." What's there? No matter. This animal wants to walk with you. Stop right now and consider the animal that came to you at the first flash of your imagination. Invite this animal to accompany you on your next exercise outing. As you walk, imagine it moving beside you, or leading you, the way my tiger sometimes does. Find something in the animal's walk or in its use of energy that you imitate with your own body and spirit....A totem animal has special significance...in many cultures it is believed that there is a natural affinity between that animal and the person to whom it appears.

What was the first animal that came to your mind?

Even I hate to admit this, but mine was a monkey. Good grief. Stop laughing. Since I am trying to be positive here I decided to invite my new little buddy on my walk today. (yes I did walk!!!) We had a fine walk. I decided to name him as we strolled along the surf. I came up with a couple of names for him...LocoMoco, no not as in crazy, but as in fast and strong, like a locomotive. My other name is Nutty Bit. My Little Nutty Bit.

He was a bit distracting though...noisy and hyper...and the flea search, well you can imagine. I decided not to imitate his movements as I didn't want to alarm other beach goers.

I'm thinking I may need to stick praying and breathing.

Can't wait to hear what your totem animal is.

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