Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Pilgrimage Begins

I have decided to try to reboot by feet of faith by going on my first pilgrimage. My first pilgrimage will be more realistic than the blister invoking 120 miles to Canterbury or the 500 grueling miles on the will simply be going to church. As I started my journey this evening I had planned on tracking my mileage with a goal of 120 to Canterbury, but realized this was a lofty and less likely attainable goal for a beginner. As I prayed and walked I was reminded of Paul Boers' suggestion of walking to church (literally) as a way to put feet to your faith. It didn't take me long to choose this as my starting place, I mean let's get real here. You can't go from couch potato to an iron man overnight.

Several years ago Ken preached on drifting and advised everyone to confide their signs of drifting to friends they trusted. These friends would be your accountability partners. I realized then that one of my signs of drifting spiritually (and mentally) was when I stopped exercising. I've gotten far away from Ken's teaching and boy have I drifted.

If you notice my exercise ticker I've got my mileage started on the first pilgrimage and plan to start a new pilgrimage when this one is done. I may have to "walk to church" several weeks before picking a new destination. If you notice I'm not walking please email me and ask me about it. I obviously need accountability.

Also, if anyone is interested in joining me on a pilgrimage I'd love to have traveling companions!

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Ken Cross said...

Thanks for quoting me and convicting me too - I will restart walking in the morning too! Lyn is waking all of us up at 5:30 AM so the kids can workout before school!

Kenny misses the girls!

I might be in town tomorrow - maybe for dinner - are ya'll still cooking?