Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stress Shrinks

Egads! I think my hippocampus has shrunk to the size of a raisin!

The neuroscience behind exercise and the brain declares that chronic stress can actually cause your hippocampus to shrink. They also think the hippocampus does a lot more than we have realized in the past. Yet another reason you should exercise especially during times of stress. Exercise is the weapon that defeats the dreaded effects of stress. The good news is, even if your hippocampus has gotten all shrunk up you can unshrink it through exercise.

Guess as my butt has grown my hippocampus has shrunk....might as well take my chubby butt and shrunk up hippocampus down the beach for a walk today.

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hipmissionary said...

Wow, I definitely need some exercise cause my brain has definitely shrunk and my thighs are thunder! I will be at the beach here this weekend and plan on doing some kayaking for my exercise. I know y'all are having a GREAT time at the beach - ENJOY!
Love ya,