Monday, August 18, 2008

Beach Reads

Two of the books in my bag are about exercise. I am really trying to get myself motivated to exercise again. I don't recall ever needing this kind of boost as I've always enjoyed exercise, but for some reason I just can't seem to get myself going. I haven't even walked on the beach which is completely unusual for me. The girl who always took PE as an elective while my other girlfriends couldn't wait to opt out. Of course I was also the one who took an extra speech class ...or two... what did my friends do for fun anyway??

Anyway, on to my books. One book is about the spiritual connection with exercise and was written in 1998 by a female journalist. The other was written in 2008 by a male MD who looks more at the effects of exercise on the brain/mind. Two completely different views, which is why I thought they'd be great to be read together...kind of like the concept behind a Reese Cup.

The first looks at spiritual growth as you exercise...using your soles to boost your soul and vice versa. It seeks to help the reader use walking to enhance clarity, balance, and spirituality. I am intrigued with the many ways you can grow your soul...the many paths to God. So far, the writer hasn't really come across as a Christian, but she has used examples of others who have used exercise as their direct line to God. Great ideas that I think will help develop a spiritual side to my regimen (once I have a regimen)...she also gives tips for developing a regimen which I obviously need.

The second touts "supercharging mental circuits to beat stress, sharpen thinking, lift mood, boost your memory, and much more". It looks more at the scientific, medical approach to exercise. It shares research findings of the impact of exercise on the brain. Pretty impressive, compelling information. The brain amazes me just as much as the soul. I have to admit that this book made me tingle, yes I realize I am a geek when a book about the brain and exercise makes me tingle. I really did have goosebumps by the first chapter.


So far, they are both very compelling and make me want to get up and go. The problem is I'm only making it from the chair to the see the problem here don't you?

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