Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

This week I am thirsty for purity of mind.

I realized today that I have been consumed with thoughts so ugly I wouldn't admit them to another living soul.

The negative thoughts ran through my mind like children playing on a playground. I shouted with glee as I soared on the swing of bitterness. From that thought I rushed to the tallest slide to climb and climbed to the top of my self pity, confused by the painful joy as I slid down into a pit of despair.

This morning during my quiet time I searched my heart. I realized that I was very thirsty for purity of mind. Thirsty for the ability to stop such terrible thoughts. My thought life has been reeking havoc on all areas of my life.

I usually don't have time to check my email before work but this morning I just felt like I should. Wouldn't you know it, God sent me an email! He did it using Lynn's computer. It was just what I needed and confirmed my feelings of conviction during quiet time.

Thanks Lynn for taking time to put it all in writing. While you may feel frumpy and be grumpy b/c you are turning 50, you have wisdom that only comes from living for so many years.

OK friends, what are you thirsty for this week?

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