Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday Mood

This was the best Monday I've had in a while. I had several surprises, and oh how I love surprises.
The first surprise left me speechless. It will bring closure to an area of my life that has been left open (for lack of a better description)...I can now freely walk through the open door without being trapped on the outside looking in. Talk about a stress reliever. Whew!

The second surprise was a house full of laughter and friends for dinner...some expected, others not...hence the surprise! What joy to have a home that friends feel welcome to just show up for a meal anytime. What joy to have such freedom in friendships! It was great to sit around after the meal and just visit and talk without feeling rushed...not something we do enough of in this fast paced world.

The other surprise was that as the adults talked and the children played, the teenager of the group cleaned up the entire mess...without being asked!!! She did it to give us time to visit and to make my evening easier.

A great Monday!

Thank you Father for the great gifts...all good gifts come from you and you really blessed me on this day. You blessed me beyond expectation. Help me savor this day, this delightful Monday that soothed my unsettled soul.

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