Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny Friday

This evening I took Mom out to eat and to Wal-Mart (the only place locally with scooters)...pretty much the last thing on my mind for a rainy Friday night after a stressful day at work. I decided to get my mind right and just enjoy this time with my mother. It is not often she has the chance to get out and go, especially not for her favorite food...fried oysters. So, I got my attitude adjusted and decided to cherish this time with her.

Dinner was good and greasy...great to sit and watch the rain...although there was that trip to the bathroom with her. No details but I felt badly for her (fears of not making it to the bathroom, poor thing) and so I became more determined to make the most of it.

At Wal-mart we "fought" the crowds with smiling faces. Mom was enjoying herself so much. She had her little pocket book attached to the scooter handles and was just grinning with delight as she asked where different items were. As I led her to the different sections I tried to be careful to not hit anyone as I kept my eyes on her (she knocked down a soda display a few years ago). It was a sight to see...this overgrown, toothless child striking panic in the hearts of Hispanic mothers all through the store. She was very careful, didn't hit anyone, but she would say "Excuse me, can I get through? I don't want to run over you and hurt you." Then as the non English speaking mothers tried to gather their children to their sides mom would stop to talk to them. "Aren't you cute? I wouldn't want to hurt you. Have I made it past you?" The mothers pulled their children closer. I wonder if they were thinking "oh my gosh, what is this woman saying? Why has she stopped? What is she going to do to my children? Where are her teeth???...well at least she can't bite me." Hopefully the moms could see love in her gummy grin and smiling eyes.

This is what I was pondering as I took my late evening walk (dusk). As I rounded the corner near my house I was giggling to myself as I recalled the funny events of the evening. Thinking how embarrassing she can be at times and hoping I didn't turn into her when I'm old. At this point I saw Matt running down the hill. Wow, I thought, he must really want to get away from that birthday party. His pace is really fast...he shouldn't start that fast, he'll never hold up with that speed in the beginning. I decided to be silly and slow him down. I went running towards him with my arms open wide...slow motion like you see in the movies...Chariots of Fire theme playing in my head...he started to cross the street. Oh no you don't Matt...I crossed the street to grab him. Yep, you guessed it. Not Matt. A young little teenage boy (no wonder he was so fast). I quickly explained myself.

Who am I kidding...I have already become my mother at 38.

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