Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Biblio-Files

Books I've read in February:

The Elephant Keeper by Christopher Nicholson.  Fiction- hardback 

Tea and other Assorted Poems by Ruth Moose.  Poetry-paperback

Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple.  Fiction-paperback

Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most by Mark Scandrette.  Nonfiction-Kindle

Letters and Life: On Being a Writer, On Being a Christian by Bret Lott.  Nonfiction-Kindle

Every Patient Tells a Story: Medical Mysteries and the Art of Diagnosis by Lisa Sanders, MD.  Nonfiction-Kindle

Hope you had good reads for the month!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Biblio-Files

One of my goals for reading this year of 2014 is to read at least one nonfiction and one poetry collection every month.  In typical Sondie fashion, I didn't want to fail at this goal so I pushed too far the other direction.  Yes, balance is always an issue for me.

Now I realize I only read one fiction book! The only reason I even have one fiction book is because I started reading it during the final days of December before I finished writing my 2014 goals. Nothing wrong with this, but in my quest for one nonfiction book, I become so myopic that I didn't even see beyond this category. Makes me wonder what this myopic vision is doing to other areas of my life?

One year I made balance my goal for the entire year in every area of life…maybe I need to reconsider this.

Photo note: the bright pink "book" is my mini-ipad, Mini-Dot is her name, on which I read my ebooks through Kindle app.

Here's what I've read in January:

Love Does by Bob Goff.  Nonfiction, old fashioned paperback.

All the Time in the World: A Book of Hours by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins.  Nonfiction, e-copy.

Delights and Shadows by Ted Kooser.  Poetry, paperback.

Inferno by Dan Brown.  Fiction, e-copy.

Walking on Water by Madeline L'Engle.  Nonfiction, paperback.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I've never been much of a shopper, and I don't have good fashion sense so I'm super excited about  Stitch Fix! I just scheduled my first Fix….woohoo!!!

It is a personal shopping service.  I spent a few minutes answering questions on-line about size and style then picked a date.  On the date I picked, February 15th, I will get a box of 5 items.  I will try them on and decide if I want to keep any.  If I don't keep any, my credit card will be charged a $20 fee.  If I keep anything that fee will be applied to the cost.

 I will take pictures and let you know how it goes!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

To Have a Sheep's Ears.

At church Sunday someone spoke about listening prayer as part of our 30 day prayer challenge.  One of those things you know, but then someone says it a certain way and it is all new.  It suddenly has implications you never even considered.  It suddenly reminds you of small messages for the past 6 months that you pondered for a bit and then moved on to the next grassy area.

Now, it suddenly means something.  You connect the dots and see the picture that God has been drawing on the story of your life.  Then if you have any doubt about it God sends another message and the picture now looks like it is in bold, double outlined print.

Here's the message from this afternoon:

….I try to take time to let go, to listen, in much the same way that I listen when I am writing.  This is praying time, and the act of listening in prayer is the same act as listening in writing….And then there is time in which to be, simple to be, that time in which God quietly tells us who we are and who he wants us to be.  It is then that God can take our emptiness and fill it up with what he wants, and drain way the business with which we inevitably get involved in the dailiness of human living.  
Madeline L'Engle ~Walking on Water

Ok God.  I am a sheep.  I must listen. I must follow.

My sheep listen to my voice.  I know them, and they follow me.  John 10:27 NIV


Monday, January 6, 2014

Did you know…..?

Art is powerful.  Did you know that Henri Matisse bought a painting by Paul Cézanne when he was a starving artist and could not afford to spend money on art?  Yet the painting became a need for him.

He was working as a day laborer at the time and his wife was the breadwinner working as a dressmaker.  Matisse had sold a few paintings but was by no means making a living off his art.  In order to buy the painting he sold some of his own art and his wife pawned her emerald ring.  Talk about being a supportive wife!

Cézanne's nudes were not popular at the time and even his friends were not supportive of these paintings.  He was still years away from his first art show and was eking out a living with his artwork, yet Matisse was so inspired by the painting Three Bathers that he HAD to have it…and it ended up having a huge impact on Matisse.  It didn't matter to Matisse that others didn't like it.  Cézanne's work was like a spark to dry wood for him.

He held onto the painting for 37 years.  In spite of poor finances throughout WWI he refused to sell it, instead he sold a Gauguin.  He and his wife even pulled their kids out of school to save on tuition- but would not sell the painting.  He finally donated it to a museum in Paris although I'm not sure what prompted him to do this.

I've been trying to think of things that have inspired me and there have been many; however, nothing has inspired me to this degree.  The sparks are there, the slow burn is there, but the flames haven't fanned yet.  While reading Madeline L'Engle's book Walking on Water, a line struck me. She says, "An artist at work is in a condition of complete and total faith."  Maybe that's the root problem.  A lack of faith.  Something to work on for 2014.


Monday, December 30, 2013

10 Things I learned in December

Linking up with Emily Freeman today!  I spent an hour reading her list of things she learned over this past year and was laughing out loud at some of them.  Also, her book A Million Little Ways is fabulous!  It is part of the spark that is burning in the creativity corner of my soul…a good burn.

1.  I miss blogging.  I haven't blogged in over a year and it's exciting to get started back. Right now it doesn't matter what it looks like, I just need to quit using "but I don't know how to make it look cool" as an excuse to not blog.

2.  I love, love, love writing goals for a New Year….and my year does not go well if I don't write them.

3.  I miss creativity and plan to refocus on this for 2014.  (hence blogging again along with other things!)

4.  The little girl who played Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes) in my all time favorite Christmas movie "It's a  Wonderful Life" also played in another Christmas movie the next year "The Bishop's Wife".

5.  The boy who played the young George Bailey ( Bobby Anderson) in "Its a Wonderful Life" also played in "The Bishop's Wife".

6.  While my family watches "Its a Wonderful Life" every year we will never watch "The Bishop's Wife" again.  I'm the only one who stayed awake and I was hanging by a thread.

7.  Baking with my now 13 year old daughter is a lot different than baking with her when she was a toddler. It was more fun this year than ever! We had a marvelous time and I enjoyed her.

8.  When your family sits together to plan for Christmas everything gets done ahead of time and everyone is invested because they were part of planning.  This was my first year doing this and I must remember to do it again next year.  This was the first year everything was done prior to the last weekend before Christmas and it was marvelous!  (although I have to admit that having surgery 5 days before Christmas probably played a big part in getting everything done, we will see how it goes next year!)

9.  People look at you like you are an alien when you answer the question "Are you ready for Christmas?" with a big hearty "Yes I am!"  

10.  Note to self….Rest really is a beautiful thing.  How have I forgotten this?


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Socks and New Years

Hello all!  It's that time of year…time to write resolutions!  I love looking ahead to the year to come and find ways to make it purposeful.  While I thoroughly enjoy spontaneity, I also appreciate the value of intentionality.   The older I get the faster life seems to go. 

 Last year for the first time in many years I did not write goals and all I can say is that 2013 feels as lost as a sock in the laundry. The year had its great moments for sure and that's the sock I'm left with…the other sock is gone.  The sock of many small feats has disappeared.  SO, this year I plan to keep both socks.  The sock of big things and the sock of small feats.   

Here's an overview of my categories of goals:
1. Heart
2. Home
3. Hijinks
4. Head
5. Health

Here's my goal journal for the year:

So, I'm starting the year with both socks firmly in hand.  If I end the year with a lost sock at least it won't be for lack of trying.

Here's to a year of keeping socks!